who are we

IGF Remote is a coalition of inter-connected participants linked by a common dedication to the commitment of the furtherance of Internet Governance discussion and development. Physically based at a major population nexus of the Mojave Desert, the digital and virtual extent of our communications apparatus is literally worldwide and aims to be demographically heterogeneous (i.e., universally inclusive, to say nothing of multicultural).

For the time being, the core hub of our working group consists of a relatively small and mobile community of committed Information Society adherents. A background well-versed in Information Technology is a common denominator, though the individual specializations range from the technical engineering disciplines to pursuits compatible with the deployment and dispersal of strategic language and design, all the way to the more pragmatic organizational capacity necessary for the scalable and sustainable infrastructure of the working group.

Living out here in an isolated environment has pluses and negatives.¬† We certainly don’t get distracted. However the planning of meals requires a lot of attentions as does buying ordinary things such as toilet paper and other paper goods. One of our group decided to buy wholesale toilet paper and paper goods at an online store. Before the purchase was made, everyone weighed in on the type of toilet paper they wanted. Although price entered into the equation, no one wanted thin, rough one ply cheap toilet paper. So the discussion revolved around two or three ply toilet paper, quilted or not quilted, with aloe lotion or not, eco friendly or less expensive, recycled paper, biodegradable, and on and on. And that was just for the toilet paper. Then we had to discuss other paper goods like paper towels, paper cups, plates, napkins etc. We nixed the napkins figuring paper towel would work just fine. Sanity finally reigned and decisions were made. And we moved onto other issues regarding Internet Governance.

With a stated and restated commitment to the development of emerging awareness and visibility, our community initiatives have historically and recently served to further policy dialogue — as well as the robust exchange of issues and cross-cutting discourse. The scope of the development and deployment of use and abuse of Internet Governance and the Information Society at large is our prime capacity building mechanism.

From Dynamic Coalitions to Remote Hubs, we believe that each derivation of the community at large is a scalable source of focus. Collaboration as a mission statement is not only achievable but sustainable, in our opinion, and any interested parties that share our robust commitment to connectivity may be highly encouraged to convene multi taskholder dimensions of the overall endeavor.

We strongly resist designation as a consortium, but at the same time cannot deny any appellation to the contrary.

The five-year mandate of the Internet Governance Forum is merely a skeleton upon which the true achievements of the Internet Governance movement shall be erected. The current and past achievements that the IGF may already claim are impressive enough, but we firmly believe that nothing but scalable improvement is possible in the immediate and foreseeable future!

** Update **
We have made significant improvements over the last 5 years as we previously expected. reaching heights previously thought near impossible. We have come to conclusions on matters that we did not know could be concluded,opening up the books on new and more interesting topics of conversation. We have forged new ground while prying open  new doors. We have made relationships which will last through the ages. We feel that our ties to the community have strengthened and grown in ways we previously could not have imagined for ourselves. We hope in the future we can continue to serve with the same forver that we have applied to the situation thus far.

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