Who is to say what is important in life? The truth is in this question as in many things in life: the truth is in the eye of the beholder. Many people feel that family is the most important thing while others feel that making a difference in the community or the environment is the most important thing to accomplish. Some people feel that making money and carving a path for themselves in the business world is the most important. Why must any of these things be wrong.

Most people are fully capable of deciding for themselves what is important in their own life, particularly after a tragedy occurs such as a very serious or fatal maritime injury. If the injury occurred on a vessel launched from a Mississippi port, MS offshore injury lawyers may assist with the lawsuit that will result in the compensation the injured person deserves. And in the case of death, a maritime attorney will be able to recommend if a lawsuit pertaining to the Death on the High Seas Act is advisable. This act permits the widows or dependents of a maritime worker to seek compensation for his death due to negligence of a ship’s captain or other crew members, or the un-seaworthiness of a vessel operating off shore by more than three nautical miles. But once the initial shock has passed everyone touched by the event or tragedy needs to reassess what is now most important in their life. But why wait for a major life altering event before considering your options?

Who better to decide what is good for you, than you? You are perfectly capable of deciding what you feel your time is best suited trying to accomplish. Many people carve a life for themselves only to find out half way through that what they previously thought to be important is not a priority any more. Some people have a drastic experience leading up to this & some of them come to the conclusion gradually, over time. Many people go through their whole life with the same conviction about what is important, never wavering one bit.

Let’s take for example, a person who grows up in a loving, caring, warm home and feels that family is the most important thing. They probably look forward to finding a lover who will marry them. Then they are interested in starting a family. They try to raise their children the same way that they were raised. Their parents raised them right but for some reason they don’t instill the same values in their children that their parents passed on to them. No matter what they do their children do not have the respect for many things that they have been trying to teach them. The later in life they get the more they are let down by their family and eventually regret having focused on it so much.

The same thing can happen in reverse. It is not a one way street. If a person decides to prioritize career over family he makes certain sacrifices to maintain their lifestyle. They might try to avoid having children and being tied down but eventually in life there comes a time when they will long to try the greener grass on the other side. That urge is not always enough to push them to jump the fence but in a lot of cases it is plenty of motivation.

What we learn from this is that even though you think you know what is going to make you happy, you never really know until you have it. Maybe we should try to enjoy the here and now instead of trying to manipulate the future to make ourselves happy.

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